Thumbs Up For Ayden

Thumbs Up For Ayden

Ayden Thumbs Up Neuroblastoma Thumbs Up For Ayden

Ayden Murray is a funny vivacious three year old living in Wrightsville, Pennsylvania. He has one of those unique smiles that can brighten up the darkest of rooms and a positive attitude towards life that is absolutely contagious.

A few months ago he was a typical young boy - running around with friends, playing with action figures and spending time with his family.

In October, during a trip to the Wrightsville Fire Company, rather then darting around the firehouse with the other children, Ayden sat in his stroller. The energetic child that his parents were use to had lost his spark.

A trip to the emergency room and numerous tests led doctors to diagnose Ayden with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma cancer.

According to the American Cancer Society, Neuroblastoma is a cancer the develops in a fetus and is usually found in children younger than 10.

MRIs showed Ayden's cancer as a white mass that stretched from his kidneys to his shoulders.

Ayden s Family

He has undergone a bone marrow biopsy, blood tests, CT scans and two chemotherapy sessions. Even with all that Ayden has been faced with, he still is able to laugh and put two thumbs up.

His parents, Kyle Murray and Jessica Snyder, have dedicated their days to providing Ayden with as much support and love possible along with raising their three other children.

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